The current edition of the 95EH EVENTS CALENDAR features a photo spread created from the #DogsOfKimberley + #CatsOfKimberley hashtag on Instagram (ps - clicking on a photo above will open that image on Instagram + feel free to use the #'s to add your own photos to the mix).

And … you can find all the events happening around the Kimberley / Cranbrook area today, tomorrow and a whole bunch of days after those by scrolling below. Adjust the calendar view to chronological or monthly, filter by Kimberley or Cranbrook or use the search box to filter events by certain words / businesses (like "yoga" or "Soulfood", for example).

Any questions?

Q: How do I get my event/s listed on The 95EH Events Calendar?

This works as simply as you making a Facebook Event for your event—which is probably something you're already doing—and that's it. After you make a Facebook Event for your event, we will either find your event on Facebook the next time we go on a new event search, or you can also email the link to your Facebook event to make sure we don't miss it (sometimes Facebook's event searching doesn't work perfectly).

We wrote a Facebook Note with a bit more detail about all this if you want to read that.

Q: What if my question is different than the one example question you included above? Well, there is a handy contact form located over here. Or you can just email your thoughts to:

Q: OK, but what if I just wanted to read some blog posts before heading off to some other corner of the internet? Well, you can click through some blog posts below (or just jump straight over the the blog section).

Q: OK, but how does 95EH interact with the youths out on the internet? We are down with all the latest trends, as long as the latest trends have not moved beyond having a Facebook + Instagram + Twitter. If you use one of those accounts, you can Like / Follow and say "hello, internet friend" to us on whichever ones you use.

Q: So what are all the #HASHTAGS that you follow for reposting / signal boosting / event calendar photo spreads? At the moment, we are using & checking the following: #95EH & #hwy95eh (for pics of around the Highway 95/95a area—and remember that Highway 95 runs from the border up to Golden, eh?), #MountownLife (for things that capture moments of what living in a mountain town in like—that's right "MounTown" is shortened version of the words "mountain + town", and is therefore faster to type and say and frees up more time for doing mountown stuff) #DogsOf Kimberley / Cranbrook (pics of local dogs), #CatsOfKimberley / Cranbrook (pics of local cats), #DeersOfKimberley / Cranbrook (pics of local deer) + more will be added because you can literally just make #s up.

Q: Hey, I remember there used to be an online radio station thing on here called "Mountown Radio"… where did that go? Well, there's a longer incomplete answer to that… but the shorter answer is that you can find some of that stuff over on HIGH FIVE FOR.

Q: Thank you. Those are all my questions, for now.