As I mentioned earlier, this site is an ongoing work in progress (“aren't though we all?” - inner Yoda). While I work on getting my mountain living skills above their current 'amateur can't grow a beard' levels, I figured I would bring over to 95EH what I've previously been working on: an obsession with music and making mix tapes (which I've been doing with the music blog HI54LOFI). So I have set up a new internet radio station that plays ace tunes 24/7 called 'Mountain Town Radio'.

To tune in to this station of 95EH.CA approved tuneage, all you need is an internet connection. You can either press play on the player embedded above, or you can listen to the stream in iTunes / Windows Media Player / Winamp / etc. You can also get the Radionomy app for your iphone or android and then listen to '95EH - MOUNTAIN TOWN RADIO' on there (just search for "95EH"). You can also listen HEREAnd you can always see what's now playing over on the MOUNTAIN TOWN RADIO Twitter account.

So whenever you're in the mood for tuning into an always changing rotation of solid tuneage, make sure to pop over to 95EH's MOUNTAIN TOWN RADIO (where you will also find a bunch of mix tapes & playlists to press play on).

And finally, if you'd like to get involved or collaborate or ask a question or need help with your website / online world / graphic design stuff (I built this site and this site and this one too) or just want to grab a coffee / beer or whatever… feel free to get in touch.