'DAILY EH?' is a somewhat re-occurring feature on 95Eh that doesn't actually run every day. Which, admittedly, makes the "daily" part in the title a little misleading. Apologies. These posts will probably just be for days when I don't have anything planned to post, but, for one reason or another, I see something online or IRL that makes me go: maybe there's a blog post here, eh? Things like this…

Much like most people in the Kimberley area, I awoke yesterday to a mild turkey hangover and the first proper snowfall of 2016. And even though I have long since lost the feeling of wonder that a little kid gets during the first dump of snowflakes, I was filled with enough wonder to go wander around The Platzl and take some photos. The streets were pretty empty, given that it was a bank holiday and most shops don't open until 10am, so I popped a 'wintery' mix I made last year for SONGSFORTHEDAY into my headphones and dove deep into some reflective winter feels.

If you fancy, you too can stick the same winter mix in your headphones / stereo by pressing play on the above player (or jump over to 8tracks to listen) and find yourself transported into that 'winter is right around the corner' zone. Because it is always important to mentally prepare yourself for an upcoming Canadian winter (especially, if like me, you missed out on the last 5 of them). Also, if you want to listen to a slightly different version of this winter mix, you can press play on the more 'mixed' version on Mixcloud. Heck, you could even listen to both.

Now, if you don't count the snow still left on the rooftops this morning, most of the white stuff has since melted. So here's a few pics from around The Platzl yesterday morning to visually go along with the vibes of the music above (at least until Mother Nature provides the real visuals again, which probably isn't too far away).

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