Here's the 2nd entry of the newly re-occurring feature on 95EH called 'DEAR KIMBERLEY: A PHOTO DIARY'. The concept is simple enough: someone from the Kimberley area shares a collection of photos from a day spent doing stuff in the Kimberley area and beyond. 

Back for the 2nd time, with some great shots from a fall yoga session, is Aric Keane from Hellroaring Images (who you should make sure to follow on Instagram and like on Facebook)



“Here are a few Fall Yoga shots of Allissa & Jewels. It was our 2nd annual fall yoga shoot.”

OK, that's it for another round of 'DEAR KIMBERLEY,'.

If you're now wondering where on the internet to wander off to next, you should definitely go check out more great photos from Aric over on his website. And you should also make sure to follow Hellroaring Images on Instagram + like on Facebook + if you haven't already, check out the 'MEET A LOCAL Q&A' that Aric did on 95EH more than a few moons ago (and if you missed his 'Dear Kimberley,' fly fishing pics, you should check them out too).

ps - if you would like to #BeLikeAric and to do a future 'DEAR KIMBERLEY' photo diary or a 'MEET A LOCAL' Q&A (or both)… pop over to the CONTACT page and get in touch (or just send an email to '')