As is the tradition that only started last week, here is another Monday post that runs down some of the upcoming events happening in Kimberley this week.

Of course, you could just pop over to the WHAT'S ON? page and see all the events that are not only happening this week, but also in future weeks… but then that would just leave me questioning the point of doing a weekly summary. And I've got enough questions in my head to deal with. Questions like: Will 95EH will hit 200 Facebook likes this week? 100 Instagram followers? 20 Twitter followers? Does any of that matter? Etc?

So how about we just take a peak below at what is happening over the next 7 days and maybe avoid any existential crises for at least one more week, yeah?

On MONDAY 3/10/2016: As we established in the first iteration of this weekly run down of events, Mondays are a bit slow around Kimberley. But Oktoberfest sure was fun last weekend, eh? UPDATE: MEAT PIE MONDAY @ THE SHED!

On TUESDAY 4/10/2016: Nothing specific is going on, but if you missed out on the opening reception of 'Relic & Reliquary' at Centre 64 last Saturday, today would not be a bad day to check out this very cool exhibit (which runs until the 22nd of October).

On WEDNESDAY 5/10/2016: Pasta night is back on at Pedal & Tap! Choose any one of your favourites for $12. All draught beer and House wine is $5. Which almost makes it ok that summer is officially over.

On THURSDAY 6/10/2016: There's two options on the Kimberley docket tonight… you can either check out the FERNIE BEER TASTING NIGHT @ THE SULLIVAN PUB or DON ALDER @ GREEN DOOR. Both fine choices, so I guess if one is sold out you can also fall back with the other option. 

On FRIDAY 7/10/2016: It's Open Mic Night at Marysville Pub & Grill tonight. So bring along the guitar, find a dark corner to sit in and nervously drink your beer as you think about whether or not you should put your name on the list. Or maybe I am just describing my past go-to move for attending open mics.

On SATURDAY 8/10/2016: It's the last Fall Market at Cranbrook Farmers Market. I know what you're thinking, because I'm thinking it too… we just got to Fall, wtf?! I'm sure it has more to do with growing seasons than the actual reality that winter is really this close. But still, best pull the winter gear out of storage just in case things take a turn next week. Also, Wildsight is hosting a free screening of 'Just Eat It' at Centre 64… so have a gander at the trailer below and make a note on in your planner to check this doc out:

On SUNDAY 9/10/2016: If going on a hike sounds like a good way to spend a Sunday, but you don't want to head out alone, be sure to be at Nordic trails parking lot at 10am for the "Chasing The Colours" hike through Kimberley Nature Park.

OK. That is all the events in Kimberley for the week of 'OCTOBER 3 - OCTOBER 9' that I was aware of at the time of throwing this post together. Update your calendars accordingly and remember to continue popping by the 95EH WHAT'S ON page on the regular for upcoming events. And it'd be extra cool if you followed 95EH on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter and probably most importantly…