It's Monday again, which means it's time for another run down of the upcoming events happening in Kimberley this week. If you have an event or know of an event that should be listed this week (or any future week) please let me know by jumping over to the CONTACT page or just shoot an email to '' (or message me on FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM). Otherwise, here's everything coming up that I know about…

ON MONDAY 24/10/2016:

Look, you surely know the drill by now. Monday is a slow day. It's the start of the work week and nobody wants to blow their steam before the weekend, so not many events get planned. Some places on The Platzl don't even open on Monday. Hey, I used to read Garfield back in the day too, so totally understandable.

ON TUESDAY 25/10/2016:

When it comes to specific events planned, Tuesdays are a bit like Mondays. Which means there often isn't anything. But I wouldn't worry about it too much, because there is a lot of stuff coming up later this week. So maybe today's a good day to do a thrift store crawl & finally figure out / finalize your Halloween costume? Here's some old hallow's eve playlists to help you get in the… spirit.

ON WEDNESDAY 26/10/2016:

Here's where the week gets going. There's a bat informational thing for students (maybe adults too?) happening at the Elks Club in the morning (bats are very on trend around Halloween, fyi) and then there is a very good looking show happening at the Green Door with Jack Marks & Dirty Luke. Check the taster videos below and then you should probably make plans to leave the kids at home to watch for bats to study or something.

ON THURSDAY 27/10/2016:

More great live music will be getting harvested at Green Door tonight with local Darin Welch opening for 'Farmer The Band'. Is it possible to leave the kids at home to watch for bats to study two nights in a row? I don't have kids, so I don't know, but I feel like kids like bats a lot, so I'm sure one more night will be ok.

ON FRIDAY 28/10/2016:

After two nights of leaving the kids at home to watch for bats, why not reward them with a night of spooky fun at the pool? Depending on the age of your little bat watchers, there's a Family Boo-nanza and then there is a Teen Boo-nanza, both happening at the Aquatic Centre.

I'm going to now stop making references to leaving your kids to watch for bats while you get out of the house because maybe you don't have kids and maybe leaving kids at home to watch for bats is not a responsible thing to suggest. Plus, there are a bunch more events going on—Events like: Freaky Fondu at Creme Cheese, Farmer The Band playing at Soulfood (in case you missed them at Green Door the night before, or want to catch them twice), and the Kimberley Dynamiters are taking on the Nelson Leafs—so I can't keep making the same bad bat joke. 

ON SATURDAY 29/10/2016:

Saturday's Halloween festivities kick off with the THE O'MAZINGLY SPOOKY ADVENTURE RACE (aka: run around a mountain dressed up) and they close out with 2 parties to choose from: THE SULLY'S HALLOWEEN PARTY or BOOS & BOOZE HALLOWEEN BASH at the Elks Club (aka: run around a dance floor dressed up).

And if you're looking for something a little less 'dressed up in a costume' to do, make sure you pop by Centre 64 between 2-4pm for the opening reception of YOUNG ARTISTS EXHIBITION.

ON SUNDAY 30/10/2016:

Depending how you spent the last few days, you're probably ready for a relaxed & chilled out kind of day. Luckily, Centre 64 has you covered with 2 different events: PIANIST JESSE PLESSIS IN CONCERT + HOME GROWN COFFEE HOUSE

OK. That is all the happenings happening in Kimberley for the week of 'OCTOBER 24 - OCTOBER 30' that I was aware of at the time of throwing this post together. Update your calendars accordingly and remember to continue popping by the 95EH WHAT'S ON page on the regular for upcoming events.

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