Elizabeth Lake (located on the south end of Cranbrook) does not provide the lake activities one often looks for when planning a "lake day". There's no beach to soak up the sun and there's no going for a dip to cool off. I guess that is why "bird sanctuary" is often included in the title, although we didn't actually see too many birds when we were there, so I'm just going to call it Elizabeth Lake for now. To be fair, maybe the end of summer is not the best time for bird watching, but still, show me a bunch of birds and I'll include "bird sanctuary" in your name ; )

What Elizabeth Lake lacks in your typical lake activities, it more than makes up for in beautiful scenery and peaceful trails to explore. There are benches and picnic tables and viewpoints scattered throughout, which makes it a nice spot to stop for lunch while you're on one of those supply runs in Cranbrook that last way longer than you thought it would. It's always nice to break up a day of shopping with some nature. Here's a few pics from Elizabeth Lake on what turned out to be the last "summer weather day" of 2016.

So, next time you're in Cranbrook for a 'whatever run' (in our case, it is often a mix of thrift stores + super stores) maybe pack a lunch (or a book) for a much needed break in the quiet natural beauty that is Elizabeth Lake.