'DAILY EH?' is a possibly re-occurring feature on 95Eh that will probably most likely not run every day. Which kind of makes the "daily" part in the title a little misleading. Apologies. These posts will probably just be for days when I don't have anything planned to post, but, for one reason or another, I see something online or IRL that makes me go: maybe there's a blog post here, eh?

Things like this…

When I saw Arrow & Axe post this Willie Nelson shirt on Instagram I went through the following thought process…

  1. "You should probably go buy that shirt Jeremy"
  2. "But you already have a Willie Nelson shirt, remember?"
  3. "Maybe we should go listen to Willie on Spotify and put together a 'Willie For President' playlist while we think about whether there is enough room in your wardrobe for 2 Willie Nelson shirts?"
  4. "Ok, Jeremy. That sounds like a reasonable plan".

So I opened Spotify, jumped to Willie Nelson's page and realized that there was like 100 albums on there. Well, actually, there was literally 100 albums. I counted them. So maybe it wasn't such a reasonable plan. But then again, it's a rain day, so what would be better than listening to a bunch of Willie Nelson?

Long story short, here's a long playlist featuring one track from all 100 Willie Nelson albums that are currently on Spotify (that's over 5 hours of Willie). Put it on shuffle while you ponder swinging by Arrow & Axe to add some Willie to your style.

And that's another 'DAILY EH?' in the bag. The second day in a row. Maybe it will be a daily thing? (spoiler: it most definitely won't). But maybe follow 95EH on FACEBOOK /TWITTER / INSTAGRAM anyways?