Recently I mentioned how nice of a walk around one can have up on the Nordic Trails, and how there are a lot of different trails to explore up there. Well, today I figured I would specifically mention one of those different trails. The one that goes to Dipper Lake.

There's more than one way to get out to Dipper Lake, but let's just talk about the one where you start at the Nordic Trails parking lot and make your way up the Trap Line trail until you hit Five Corners. Because that is the only way that I've done. It's about 2kms to Dipper Lake from Five Corners and it is a relatively easy journey; one that takes you along a rocky edge and through a thick forest.

If you are as fortunate as we were on our visit to Dipper Lake, as you descend down the last 50 metres of trail and the lake becomes visible, a bald eagle will soar a few feet above the water for the entire length of the lake. Of course, you won't have time to get your camera out, so you'll just have to hope that people will take your word that that actually happened. And maybe you'll eventually get a couple blurry photos of that eagle from much further away to help strengthen the possibility of your story.

Or maybe your trip out to Dipper will completely differ. Here's a few pics from our hike…

There's still some good hiking days left before the snow comes, so consider packing a lunch and heading out to Dipper Lake. I can't guarantee you'll see a bald eagle, but I can confirm that on the one time we went to Dipper Lake we saw a bald eagle 100% of the times and it was pretty cool. And who doesn't like cool things?