'DAILY EH?' is a somewhat re-occurring feature on 95Eh that doesn't actually run every day. Which, admittedly, makes the "daily" part in the title a little misleading. Apologies. These posts will probably just be for days when I don't have anything planned to post, but, for one reason or another, I see something online or IRL that makes me go: maybe there's a blog post here, eh? Things like this…

Have you ever stared out at the majestic wonder that is a mountain and wanted to know more than what you could read on the informational plaque before you? And what about all those times when there isn't even an information plaque before you?! Well then, perhaps the University of Alberta's upcoming 'Mountains 101' course is for you.

The course starts in January 2017 and is free to enrol for anyone in the world (there is also a paid version if you would like earn a course certificate). Registration is now open and here is a video teaser for the course (in case you need to watch a video before CLICKING HERE to go read more).

As someone who has only recently moved out to the mountains but has every intention of staying out in the mountains, I'm totally down for learning more about the big rocky things that now surround me. Even if it means that for 3 months in 2017 I have to watch about 3-5 hours less Netflix every week. Knowledge is power, and who doesn't want to be powerful?

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