In an attempt to get my internetting less spread out in different corners of the internet, I've decided to re-setup the 24/7 internet radio station I've been running the last few years over on to 95EH.CA. If you've been tuning in to the station before, then the only thing different is that the station is now called '95EH - MOUNTAIN TOWN RADIO'. If you haven't been listening, what better time than now to press play and start listening to a free all day stream of non-stop good tunes?

(ps - sometimes you have to stop & start again to get the stream going)

To tune in to this station of 95EH.CA approved tuneage, all you need is an internet connection. You can either press play on the player embedded above, or you can listen to the stream in iTunes / Windows Media Player / Winamp / etc. You can also get the Radionomy app for your iphone or android and then listen to '95EH - MOUNTAIN TOWN RADIO' on there (just search for "95EH"). You can also listen HERE. And you can always see what's now playing over on the 95EH RADIO Twitter account.

So if you're ever sitting around at home and need some music, or maybe you need an ever changing selection of tuneage for your shop, it might be a good idea to bookmark '95EH - MOUNTAIN TOWN RADIO' and tune in on the regular. And maybe tell your friends to do the same? Besides the 24/7 stream available, you'll also find a bunch of mix tape & playlist options to dive into. It's one of those 'win win' situations (unless you don't like the same kind of music as me, than I guess it's one of those 'ignore ignore' situations).