Last week, 95EH's re-occurring 'MEET A LOCAL BUSINESS' feature continued with a Kimberley City Bakery Q&A. If you haven't read that short 5 question Q&A yet, why not pop it open in another window and give it a gander while you press play on the KCB flavoured mix tape below.

"But wait… what exactly is a 'KCB flavoured mix tape'?" you might be thinking. Well, there was one question that was included in the Q&A I sent to Kimberley City Bakery that was not posted along with the other Q's and A's. And that question was:

The reason I asked that question was so I would have an excuse to spend some time making a mix tape for "work purposes". So I took the answer provided and used the songs as guide to help me work out a 'KCB flavoured mix tape'. And this is what I came up with:

So have a listen on the player above (or jump over to 8tracks to listen - they have a free app too) if you're at all curious as to what kind of mix tape would come out of using a gypsy punk band, the baddies theme from Star Wars, Trooper, and two old skool French chanteurs as a starting point. And why not also peruse Kimberley City Bakery's answers to the other 5 questions that were asked (3 of which are kinda the same question asked in 3 different ways)?

And if you finish listening to the above mix tape and want some more goodness for your ears… perhaps tuning into the 24/7 stream of '95EH MOUNTAIN TOWN RADIO' would be a good idea?