In the hopes of streamlining the process of getting folks that live around Highway 95a (i.e. in the Kimberley / Cranbrook area) participating in either the 'MEET A LOCAL Q&A' or the 'MEET A LOCAL BUSINESS Q&A' (or both!), I set up some pages with all the information for doing either.

So, if you are a local, or if you run a local business, and if you'd be interested in doing a little Q&A on 95EH (or you know someone else who would be) please check out these links below:

If you are not familiar with what these Q&A's look like, you can peruse past ones below:

These Q&A's are open to anyone in the area, whether you've lived around Highway 95a your whole life or whether you only recently moved here. If you're a local and you run a local business, you are more than welcome to do both!

And if you have any questions about anything, feel free to shoot me a message.