Christmas is right around the corner, and what better gift for that person in your life that does not have any 95EH merchandise than some actual 95EH merchandise? I personally can't think of anything better for the someone on your list that falls into that very specific category.

“But where do I get this '95EH merchandise' you speak of?", you may be wondering.

Well, it is as simple as popping into Big Magic Design on the Platzl and picking out a blank t-shirt (or hoodie, or tank top, or onesie, or whatever) in whatever colour and saying "I'd like a 95EH on this".

If you'd fancy an idea of how the 95EH logo looks on a black t-shirt, scroll downwards.

A tip of the top hat to Big Magic for making 95EH shirts available in their shop + an extra big cheers to Lucas for taking the original (and hastily thrown together) 95EH logo and giving it a Big Magic fine tune!

If you do get yourself (or someone else) a 95EH shirt… it'd be extra cool if you took a picture of it being worn somewhere and tagged '95EH' on the ol' Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. At the moment there are only 2 shirts out in the wild, and one of them is all the way back in Alberta.

Cheers… and happy holidays!