It's the first Monday of 2017, which means it's time for the first rundown of upcoming events happening around Kimberley this week for the year 2017. As always, if you want to see even further ahead than this week… check out the EVENTS CALENDAR page.

If you have an event or know of an event that should be listed this week (or any future week) please let me know by jumping over to the CONTACT page or just shoot an email to '' (or message me on FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM). Also… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And now, here's everything coming up in the next 7 days that I know about…

ON MONDAY 2/1/2017:

There's nothing official scheduled for the first Monday of the new year, so why not spend the day listening to some of my favourite music from the previous year? I made a REALLY big Spotify playlist called '20X16' (i.e. 320 songs/artists) and I also made a smaller playlist called '2X16' (i.e. 32 songs/artists).

ON TUESDAY 3/1/2017:

Nothing officially scheduled this Tuesday, so maybe today is a good day to practice writing '2017' instead of '2016'. You don't want to make the same mistakes as previous years…

ON WEDNESDAY 4/1/2017:

There's nothing official planned for today, so it's probably a good day to remember that Kimberley is a winter wonderland with all kinds of great outdoor activities to go dive into. Or, it is also half price wing night at The Shed.

ON THURSDAY 5/1/2017:

The latest film in the Rockies Film Series is 'The Eagle Huntress' and you can catch a screening at Key City Theatre at 7 pm.

ON FRIDAY 6/1/2017:

It's a sports and hip hop kinda Friday with:

ON SATURDAY 7/1/2017:

Two cool options for getting your Saturday night off to a good start:

ON SUNDAY 8/1/2017:

There's a Kundalini Yoga session happening at Meadowsweet Yoga & Wellness from 10 am to 11:30 am, and…

IT'S FREE LOCALS DAY UP ON THE SKI HILL!!! (I guess that means I only have a few days left o get myself a pair of skis)

OK. That is all the happenings happening around Kimberley for the week of 'JANUARY 2nd - JANUARY 8th' that I was aware of at the time of throwing this post together. Update your calendars accordingly and remember to continue popping by the 95EH WHAT'S ON page on the regular for upcoming events.

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