Just a short jaunt down Highway 95a from Kimberley centre you'll find Marysville (which seems like it's own little town but I guess they joined forces with Kimberley in the 60s and the two are actually one #themoreyouknow). And it is on the north side of this 'town that is technically not a town but rather a neighbourhood that just feels like a separate town' that you'll find the Marysville Falls & Eco Park

Now, I wouldn't go as far as to say that the Marysville Falls are sooo amazing that you should make trip out here specifically just to see them… but they are definitely pretty and well worth the visit if you are already here. These falls are also super easy to go see, and as you probably already know, every good vacation needs to have a few things on the itinerary that are simples to get checked off. You could literally get Marysville Falls done in about 10 minutes, but that's only if you didn't want to just enjoy the leisurely stroll down the wooden walk way or have a picnic amongst some statuesque fish. Also, I haven't done so myself yet, but you can even take a cool off in one of the pre-waterfall pools. So maybe pack your trunks and some sandwiches and stay awhile.

Bonus tip: you can even take a picture of yourself holding one of the bronze statue fish and then text it to your fisherman brother for guaranteed lolz (he might not text back "lol", but we all know he lol'd).