When we heard that Wasa Lake was "the warmest swimming lake in the Kootenays", many questions filled our heads. OK, it was actually just one question: How warm are we talking about? (answer: pretty warm for a Canadian lake, especially once you get in… it's not Lussier Hot Spring warm, but that's not a lake so that's kind of an illogical comparison to make but too late now because I already made the comparison so I could include a link to our Lussier Hot Spring write-up).

Just a quick 25 minute drive from Kimberley, Wasa Lake is definitely going to be a journey that we will be taking again (we've already done it 3 times). Not only for our own sun-tanning + refreshing dip needs, but also for when my brother & sister in-law come a visiting with the 3 little nieces. It's already a favourite spot of theirs from a past visit and I'm sure our proximity to Wasa will be a major influencer whenever they are considering whether it's worth the travel from Alberta to come visit.

It's easy to see how Wasa would be such a big hit for anyone with little ones. The water is definitely warmer than other mountain lakes, the beaches are nice and sandy, and the water is pretty shallow in most parts. Or at least you have to walk quite awhile before it starts getting high. And if your 'little ones' are of the barking variety instead of the crying variety, there's even a little Dog Beach. Here's some pics…

Even if you don't have little ones and you'd like to keep your distance from other people's little ones, there's plenty of beach (and beaches) to find your own little slice, even on a plus 30 Sunday in the summer. The water's nice and so are the views, so definitely add Wasa to your itinerary.

Added bonus: when people ask where you are going / where you've been, you can re-enact that old Budweiser commercial with a "Wassssaaaaap". And that's always fun, right?