For most of the last 2 weeks, my personal 'do list' has pretty much been a list of 'work on THE DECK' entries… but I can't really go recommend deck renovations as something you JUST GOTTA DO when you are in Kimberley. For starters, you can work on a deck wherever there are decks. Which is most towns I've been to. Secondly, working on a deck is not so much "fun" as it is "work".

But, god forbid, you did find yourself working on a deck while you are in Kimberley this summer, you're going to want to treat yourself to an ice coffee & people watching break on The Platzl at some point during the day. Grab your coffee at Bean Tree or Snowdrift (they're both excellent little cafes) and then find a spot to take a load off and stop thinking about deck stuff for 10 minutes. I should probably follow my own advice today, as the above picture was taken during my pre-deck days.

It might help the deck forgetting process if you press play on my coffee sipping Spotify playlist, which, I can confirm, also functions as a deck working playlist for when you need to go back to working on the deck*.

* I said "deck" 12 times in this post (counting this sentence).