If you've ever visited Banff or Radium Hot Springs and thought to yourself "this feels/looks exactly like being in a normal outdoor swimming pool… who is to say it is even NATURALLY heated" then you are going to want to take the 1 hour drive from Kimberley (20 minutes of that drive up a narrow-ish gravel road up a mountain) to the picturesque and totally NATURALLY heated Lussier Hot Springs.

It's an easy spot to find. You just drive up Whiteswan Lake Forest Road until the pretty obvious Lussier Hot Springs parking lot appears on your right, about 17km off the highway.

Since it's pretty easy to find and even has an official parking lot & signage, you're going to want to get there early in the day to beat the rush of other people. Unless you like other people, then I guess go anytime during the day (we've been twice, and arriving at 10am was A LOT less crowded than the time we arrived around 3pm). Depending on the time of the year and the level of the river, there can be 1-4 naturally occurring pools of varying water temperatures to sit in (the closer to the river the pool is, the cooler it is… because river water gets in and other science stuff).

All in all, it's all pretty lovely…

You're also going to want to mentally prepare yourself for the pretty strong and constant smell of sulphur (that's that natural heating smell). So maybe have an egg sandwich in the morning to get yourself in the zone. Get your soak on and when it's time to go, rinse yourself off in the cold ass river, which is not only super refreshing but also helps wash the smell off. Or at least it gives you the feeling that you washed the smell off.

Before you drive straight back the way you came, if you got the time for it, head a few more minutes up the gravel road and check out the 2 lakes, Whiteswan and Alces, that are just around the corner. They're both pretty to look at and lot less crowded than the hot springs. So a good spot to take another egg cleansing dip if it's a hot summer day.

If you're looking for a good way to spend a day this summer or have ever felt a little let down by the unnaturalness of the Banff / Radium Hot Springs, go seek out Lussier.