Now that I've finally been paddle boarding, I can finally recommend it (hello new blog post).

I had a feeling I would like this new casual water sport when we moved back to Canada and I quickly realized that standing on giant surfboards on a lake was now a thing. One minute it was not a thing, and the next minute they're everywhere (by "next minute" I mean the 4 years I was out of the country). And while I'm recommending things, I also highly recommend making friends with someone who owns a paddle board (cheers Aric & Allissa!).

You can go for a paddle on any lake, but we took our maiden voyage on the quiet & close to Kimberley Hahas Lake, so…

Hahas is just a 20 minute drive from town, no joke. Five of those driving minutes are going down a mildly bumpy gravel road that is ominously called 'Lost Dog Forest', so I guess keep an extra watchful eye on your Lassie.

Hahas doesn't have a sandy beach like Wasa, but it also doesn't have any Sea-Doos buzzing about. Give and take. There is definitely a peaceful calm at Hahas, which makes for a pretty zen paddle on your board. Which is what we were there for. Well, that and taking a dip to cool off after a scorcher of a day. And it turns out that Hahas is Wasa-ish warm. Just mind your toes on the rocks. Also, mind the turtles because apparently there are turtles there.

Here's a few pics from our early evening paddle at Hahas…

I know. You were probably thinking there was going to be a picture of a turtle. Sorry. Charlie did see one when she was out paddling, but being our first time on boards, we left the camera safely on the shore. I guess you'll just have to go to Hahas Lake yourself to see one of the turtles.