Located on the outer edge of Kimberley's Townsite neighbourhood (aka "the neighbourhood you have to climb the stairs behind the church to get to") is a massive trail system called Lois Creek.

Because of the massiveness of the trail system, there are still plenty of paths we've yet to walk on. But we did do the featured Tea Spot Loop, a 9km jaunt through forest and (small) hills that quickly helps you forget that you were just in town a few minutes prior. We were hoping that there was going to be some kind of "amazing view" at Tea Spot ("The Spot" in french) but it ended up just being a little resting area (although, there was a tea kettle there, so I suppose it was exactly as advertised).

However, the empty feeling of not having a breathtaking view was completely removed when we came across a bear. Now, I'm not saying that you're guaranteed to see a bear if you do the hike yourself, as we've only done this hike once, but… 100% OF THE TIMES WE'VE DONE THIS HIKE WE'VE SEEN A BEAR. So be bear aware, and unlike us, probably definitely have some bear spray on your person. I can personally vouch that just having mosquito spray and a bag of Spitz in your bag doesn't boost your survival confidence once you officially realize that a black bear is also doing the hike. Here's some pics.

So, if you're ever feeling like getting away from the hustle and bustle of Kimberley center (which isn't really all that hustle and bustle, but still), pack some water and bear spray and bear bells and put on your 'Hey Bear, I Probably Wouldn't Even Taste That Good' shirt and take a hike on Lois Creek Trails. And don't worry if you forget your poop scoop, because they have some spare ones at the trail head.