I'm hoping to put together an events listing for ALL —or at least MOST— of the upcoming events and happenings for the Kimberley area. You can see the start of this over on the WHAT'S ON? page. Yes, I know, there isn't much there yet.

In order to get this events listing to peak usefulness, I'm gonna need people to send me their events info. These events can be live music, sales, specials, theatre, art… WHATEVER. Just send an email to "jeremy@95EH.ca" with the following info:


  • LOCATION: (i.e. physical address)



  • SOME INFO ABOUT THE EVENT: (i.e. short paragraph description)

Please also include any relevant links / pics / videos for that event and if you have multiple events (even if they're not until a later date) feel free to include them as well.

Again, you can get a general idea of how things will look by checking out the events that are already up. My goal is to try and get up the main bulk of Kimberley & Area happenings in one place so it isn't such an unmapped treasure hunt trying to find out if there is anything specific going on. I'm new here, so perhaps I just haven't found where to look, but dammit if I haven't tried looking.