A little while ago I posted about wanting to start up an event listing page that will hopefully / eventually capture all of the things going on in Kimberley (and nearby) in one handy little place. Well, that handy little place is now started and you can find it on the WHAT'S ON section of this site. I'm 100% sure that it doesn't capture 100% of the happenings happening around town yet, but it's a start, and I try to update it with new things as I find out about them (which is made much easier if the discovery happens by someone with an event sending me an email).

I also try and post about events on the ol' Book Face the day the event is happening —and sometimes on Twitter, although Kimberley Twitter is a little bit of a ghost town at the moment— but I've been thinking that maybe a weekly heads-up / summary of upcoming events for the week might be a nice extra touch for getting the word out.

So without any further ado-ing, here's a good chunk of what's happening this week…

On MONDAY 26/09/2016: Nothing. Alright, I agree, that's not the most exciting way to start things off, but as even someone who has only been in Kimberley for a few months will tell you… Mondays are a little quiet around here. But the weather is supposed to be pretty alright, so maybe one last lake day or a spin down Rails To Trails is in the cards?

On TUESDAY 27/09/2016: The Golden Rockets are in town to face-off against the Kimberley Dynamiters. I haven't been to a game myself yet, but from what I understand about the effectiveness of using dynamite in a game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', I'd say that the Rockets might be in trouble. Game starts at 7, MORE INFO HERE. Also, Tuesday's are always Toonie Tuesday over at Kimberley City Bakery.

On WEDNESDAY 28/09/2016: Nothing, again. Or maybe it is more accurate to say "nothing specific that the guy that runs 95EH knows about". Perhaps this would be a good time to mention again that anyone can get in touch with me about any and all upcoming events / sales / happenings by sending an email to: jeremy@95EH.ca

On THURSDAY 29/09/2016: Just as you can usually count on a Monday in Kimberley to be a little quiet, you can almost always count on there being some lovely noise being made at Green Door every Thursday. This weeks show with Colourful Language is possibly the most I've heard Duane rave about an upcoming act yet. Which, given how excellent most of the other shows I've seen at GD have been, makes me think it'll probably be a pretty special one. Have a listen to Colourful Language below & get down to Green Door for some drinks + eats + tunes. 

On FRIDAY 30/09/2016: Another night of live music is in the works, with Jeff Faragher playing at Centre 64 for the CD release of 'Voices Within' and local acts The Oak Republic, Hot Muck, and Crooked Line will be playing at The Elks Club for the Party Hard For Paul Bouchard benefit (where there will also be door prizes, a 50/50 draw and a silent auction, with all money raised will be donated to the Bouchard family to help cover expenses related to Pauls cancer treatment).

On SATURDAY 01/10/2016: There is so many things happening this Saturday, it's probably a good thing that I didn't have anything to talk about for Monday and Wednesday and (spoiler) Sunday. There's the Cranbrook Farmer's Market, there's another Dynamiters game, there's the 'Relic & Reliquary' exhibition opening at Centre 64, and then there's the last First Saturdays of the year: the multi-event, all day OKTOBERFEST (take your pick of activities on the poster below).

On SUNDAY 02/10/2016: Once again there isn't really any events that I know about, but if you did Oktoberest even half right, you probably could do with having a bit of lazy Sunday anyways. Hey, that's why they invented Netflix.

OK. That is all the events in Kimberley for the week of 'SEPTEMBER 27 - OCTOBER 2' that I was aware of at the time of throwing this post together. Update your calendars accordingly and remember to continue popping by the 95EH WHAT'S ON page on the regular for upcoming events. And it'd be extra cool if you followed 95EH on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter and probably most importantly…