Apparently, not only is National Drink Beer Day an actual thing, it is actually today.

If you're like me, your first thought might be "they totally just make these #nationalwhateverdays up to try and get me to buy stuff". Which, in this case, is quickly followed by a second thought of "I like beer, I'll allow it".

I guess the big dilemma is not so much whether you should participate in this made up day of beer sipping, but where to participate. Perhaps you do some local brew sampling over at Over Time Beer Works. Or maybe you dip into the great selection at Pedal & Tap. Or maybe The Shed. Or Sullivan's. Or maybe you'll find yourself in Cranbrook at The Heid Out. Or maybe the incoming of autumn weather will have you checking your fridge to see what your options are for celebrating at home in front of the fire. And maybe instead of a fireplace you just have an electric heater. Hey… there are no wrong choices when celebrating a hashtag.

That being said, you probably shouldn't ring in your #NationalDrinkBeerDay in silence (as that could get sad) so here's a Spotify playlist I made specifically for days like today…

Just remember to maybe not go too hard today, as Oktoberfest is literally just around the corner.