It seems like only yesterday since the last #NationalSomeKindOfBeverageDay. Oh wait, it was yesterday.

I guess it makes sense to follow up a 'National Drink Beer Day' with a 'National Coffee Day', but let's be honest here… having a special day for coffee is a bit redundant. Every day is #nationalcoffeeday, #amirite? They might as well have a 'National Go To The Bathroom At Least Once (But Probably More Than Once) Day'.

But, I guess since I will technically be celebrating the day (and even started celebrating first thing this morning before I even knew I was celebrating) here's a coffee sipping Spotify playlist to throw on shuffle while you enjoy the cup of locally roasted Steam Donkey you've already made at home and weigh your options as to where to grab your next cup later in the day: Bean Tree? Snowdrift? Kimberley City Bakery? Timber Hitch? Koffee Kan? (bit spoiled for choice for a small town, eh?)