Nothing beats starting your morning by slowly sipping on a comforting cup of coffee, all while gently bobbing your head and tapping your toes along to a chill set of tunes. Nothing. If there's a heaven, it'll probably be that slice of day on a loop.

So, if you also enjoy easing into your day as described above— y'know, with your coffee in a mug and not in a go-cup—you might just fancy putting the latest 95EH 8tracks mix of 10 coffee-friendly tunes into your headphones right now (or if you prefer a longer cup, the Spotify playlist features 30 tracks).


You can either press play on the embedded player above or you can jump over to 8tracks to listen to this latest mix of 10 coffee-friendly tunes (8tracks is free to use and they also have a free app for your phone). You can find more MORNING COFFEE mixes on 8tracks over here.


You can either press play on the embedded player above or you can jump over to Spotify to listen (I think Spotify still lets you create a free account, but I could be wrong as I have a subscription included in my phone bill). If you do use Spotify, you might want to press the 'follow' button on this playlist as that way you can save it for offline listening + it will automatically update when new tracks are added to the top. This MORNING COFFEE

I also make lots of other playlists on Spotify, so feel free to 'follow' me on there if you want.

I was actually going to put together a MORNING COFFEE playlist awhile ago, but my 2017 has pretty much been spent fighting a cold/flu combo, which has had me pretty much living on Liquorice and Lemon Ginger teas. And that's not the right recipe for a coffee playlist. I don't think I've fully kicked the sickness yet, but I've started dipping back into the java, and I feel like that's a good sign (don't quote me on that though, I'm not a doctor).

Hope you enjoy the tunes with your cup of joe and make sure to follow 95EH on the Facebook and Instagram and Twitter as that is your best bet for being the first to find out when the next mix of tunes is posted. And if you haven't already read them, there has already been two great MEET A LOCAL Q&A's this year, one with JEFF PEW and another with ELLA HARRIS.

Finally, if you find yourself needing more great music for that part of the day that follows your first hit of caffiene, don't forget that 95EH has a 24/7 internet radio station + a bunch more mixes and playlists, all of which can be found over on the MOUNTAIN TOWN RADIO section of the site.