'DAILY EH?' is a somewhat reoccurring feature on 95Eh that doesn't actually run every day. Which, admittedly, makes having the "daily" part in the name a little misleading. Apologies.

Basically, these posts exist because sometime I see something online or IRL that makes me go, "maybe there's a blog post here, eh?". Things like this… 



Yesterday I posted this photo on my Non-95EH Instagram (@HI54LOFI). Immediately after doing so, I was reminded of an idea I had wanted to try out on 95EH called: 'Dogs Of Kimberley'

Or, more accurately: #DogsOfKimberley

At first, I thought I had totally come up with this idea all on my own, but now I'm not so sure. After searching to see if anyone else was using #DogsOfKimberley on Instagram, I saw that one person had used it. That person was Paula Bayne. A person I met in the driveway to the house where my partner & I were dog-sitting the very dog in the above picture. Possibly on the same day that the above picture was taken.

So, maybe it'd be cool if people started using the hashtag #DogsOfKimberley whenever they posted a pic of their Kimberlite pup on Instagram? And maybe 95EH can start doing some kind of 'MEET A LOCAL' like feature, except for dogs. I'd like to say there will be prizes for Best Photo + Caption, but that would require having prizes to give out :)

And yes, Cat People, I see you and I agree that #CatsOfKimberley would also be a cool thing to get going (by the way… that's a hashtag no one has used on Instagram yet).

See you out on the hashtags!

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