It's Monday again, which means it's time for another rundown of the upcoming events around HWY 95A this week. As always, if you want to see even further ahead than this week—well, like a month or two ahead—check out the EVENTS CALENDAR page.

If you have an event or know of an event that should be listed this week (or any future week) please send an email to '' with the link to the Facebook Event page (or just message 95EH on FACEBOOK).

And now, here's everything coming up in the next 7 days that 95EH knows about / had time to add as an event…


*the JAN 30 to FEB 05 edition



* PS - Clicking on any of the above events will take you to an event page with more details. Also, the above list updates automatically. So as days pass, events are removed (eventually becoming a list of zero, or at the very least, a quite short list come Sunday morning).



(this Spotify playlist has just been freshly updated with 95 new tracks)

(this Spotify playlist has just been freshly updated with 95 new tracks)

YOUR WEEKLY 9(to)5 EH | Every week I update this Spotify playlist with a brand new set of 95 great tunes (well, this is the 1st so week, so that is the plan anyways).

95 tunes that you can put on shuffle and use to help get yourself through another week of the '9 to 5s'. Or, you can also just think of it as a playlist that gets updated every week with a different collection of over 5 hours worth of great tunes; tunes that provide a nice atmosphere for while you work. Or whatever it is you do in the hours between 9 and 5. Choose your own adventure.

To listen, you can CLICK HERE to jump over to Spotify. While you're there, you'll probably want to press the 'follow' button on this playlist, as that way you can save all the tracks for offline listening + it will auto-magically update every week when I add a new set of 95 tunes. Which is the plan.

PS - If you don't use Spotify, or if you're just in need of more than 5hrs in a week, you'll want to investigate some of the other 'Mountain Town Radio' listening options—including a 24/7 stream with an always rotating rotation—over on the MOUNTOWN RADIO section of this site.


OK. That is everything…

Or is it?

If I missed anything, please shoot me a link to the Facebook Event and I will try to get it added. Cheers & have a nice week.