As you may or may not already know, there is a pretty great selection of ear candy on this site called 'MOUNTOWN RADIO' (fun fact: "mountown" is a faster—possibly funner—way of saying "mountain town").

Besides there being a 24/7 stream of ridiculously good-looking music for you to jump into at any time (if you haven't tried it yet, you totally probably should), there is also a bunch of Spotify playlists that are updated frequently, and if you have a Spotify account, you can follow and save for offline listening while you get up to mountain town stuff.

Playlists like this one …

YOUR WEEKLY 9(to)5 EH | Every Monday I update this Spotify playlist with a brand new different set of 95 great tunes. 95 tunes that you can shuffle in your headphones to help get yourself through another week of the '9 to 5s', whatever it is you do in the hours between 9 and 5. Heck, you can even listen outside of those yours. Choose your own adventure.

To listen, you can either press play on the embedded player above or—and probably the better option—you can jump over to Spotify and listen there (I think Spotify still lets you create a free account, but I could be wrong as I have a subscription included in my phone bill). If you use Spotify, you'll want to press the 'follow' button on this playlist as that way you can save it for offline listening + it will automagically update every Monday when a new batch of 95 tracks is added.

If you like this playlist, you'll probably like checking out the MOUNTOWN RADIO section of this site on the regular. Maybe bookmark it? And maybe tell your friends to do the same? Totally up to you.