It's Monday again, which means it's time for another rundown of upcoming events happening around Kimberley. As always, if you want to see even further ahead than this week… check out the EVENTS CALENDAR page.

If you have an event or know of an event that should be listed this week (or any future week) please let me know by jumping over to the CONTACT page or just shoot an email to '' (or message me on FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM).

And now, here's everything coming up in the next 7 days that I know about…

ON MONDAY 9/1/2017:

OK… so there is no "event" event scheduled for this Monday, but, I did recently see on the ol' Facebook that both the Creme Cheese Shop off the Platzl and Soulfood in Cranbrook are now open on Mondays. So…

ON TUESDAY 10/1/2017:

Up on the ski hill, Montana's is launching a re-occurring Tuesday thing called "Netflix And Chill at Montana's". Now before you millennials go "gross, I'm not doing that at a restaurant", I think Montana's is going for a different definition of "Netflix & Chill" than what you may be familiar with. Think more "Netflix And Eat Food and Have Drinks".

And over in Cranbrook, MP Wayne Stetski is holding an open house where you can pop by and say hello (and maybe ask about that thing that's bugging you… or congratulate on fixing that thing that was bugging you).

ON WEDNESDAY 11/1/2017:

Nothing official planned for this Wednesday, so maybe today is a good day to check out the latest exhibit at Centre 64, 'Personal Portraits: Stories In Ink' (which is in the gallery until the 28th of January).

ON THURSDAY 12/1/2017:

Here are some Thursday night options for you to consider:

ON SUNDAY 15/1/2017:

The Hi-Strung Downers are back on the Stemwinder stage Sunday afternoon. Lucas Myers is back on the Key City Theatre stage… except this time with an educational show for kids called CAPTAIN FUTURE. And finally, it is NEVER EVER DAYS up at KAR.

OK. That is all the happenings happening around Kimberley for the week of 'JANUARY 9th - JANUARY 15th' that I was aware of at the time of throwing this post together. Update your calendars accordingly and remember to continue popping by the 95EH WHAT'S ON page on the regular for upcoming events.

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