Sometimes people send me emails with a question that isn't easily answered by a person with limited knowledge like myself. Or maybe it's a fact that deserves sharing. Or maybe I just think it's funny. Whatever the case, here is one now…

Dear 95EH,

Subject: The guy who invented the Skizee… are there any for sale?

Message: I've wanted to buy one of those since 2011, but no one answers emails, etc. I saw a link on your page, and I know the inventor lived in Kimberly right? Any info?


If your first thought when reading the above letter was "what is a skizee?" - then you will want to first check out the informational video above. And, if you're extra keen, there's some more info over here.

OK, now that we're all on the same page… does anyone know where one could get their hands on a Skizee?

I should probably put this question to Jeff Pew, as he is the reasee a skizee was even brought up. Actually that's a good idea. But, while I'm checking with Jeff, if anyone of you know who the inventor is or how someone goes about becoming an owner of this motorized set of skiz, send the details to the 95EH mailbag.


Here's an appropriately titled album from the always a good idea to listen to John Prine (an artist that you will frequently hear over on MOUNTOWN RADIO)

And that concludes the first edition of FROM THE MAILBAG. Happy Wednesday to you!