(ok it's actually the 1st HIGHLY RECOMMENDED on 95EH… but there are more HERE)

The Cave Singers' Derek Fudesco metaphorically stops by the blog to give us all some recommendations from the top shelf of life's important categories. Because there is no better way to find out if a person is your people than finding out what that person likes, right?

If you're not already familiar with The Cave Singers, you should jump over to their Bandcamp page right now and listen to/buy everything. And then you should make sure to find yourself on the ski hill this Saturday, as that is where The Cave Singers will be headlining this years Spring Splash & Dummy Downhill.


What is the one album (or ep or song) that you think should be the very next musical thing that everyone presses play on the next time they find themselves thinking “what should I listen to now”?

This answer changes every couple days. I'd say today you should go listen to Mac Demarco's song My Old Man.

What is the one movie or tv show that you think should be next in everybody’s Netflix queue (ok, doesn’t have to be Netflix, we’re all internet adults here and know how to find anything online, one way or another)?

I just finished Big Little Lies and I loved it.

The movie Get Out is pretty fantastic too.

I might watch too many shows, now that I'm thinking about it, I can strongly recommend like 10.

I (and by “I” I mean “the person that is reading this”) am going to the book store (ok, probably Amazon) to find the very next book that I will be putting some extremely valuable ‘me-time' aside for. Which book would you get, if you were me (and, I suppose, you hadn’t already read what you’re about to suggest)?

American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

What is the one website (or just any old internet thing: app, gif, service, youtube video, whatever) that you would get really down in the dumps about if it were to suddenly go away?

The video of Stevie Nicks singing Wild Heart backstage in the 80's. I feel like I've watched it every other month since YouTube started.

And finally… please give one completely unaided recommendation that you think everyone should start doing / using / watching / eating / thinking / quiting / etc-ing to make their lives a little bit more better / bearable.

Eat more fruit

OK folks, there you have it. Things that Derek from The Cave Singers thinks you should consider incorporating into your day/life. Before you turn off the computer to go find some more fruit to eat, go load up your headphones with some Cave Singers & make sure to follow-like on the Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

And don't forget to check out The Cave Singers this Saturday up at Kimberley Alpine Resort (their set starts at 5pm). Since The Cave Singers are one of my favourite bands to come out of the 2000's, I'll leave you with a quick little 20 track Spotify playlist that grabs a few of my favourite tracks off of each The Cave Singers consistently excellent releases so far.

Ok. that's it for today. But make sure to follow 95EH on the regular, as there will be a bunch more of these HIGHLY RECOMMEND Q&A's coming up with more people swinging by our little mountain neighbourhood.