Dirtbag Festival is fast approaching (March 24th - 25th if I were to be exact) and the deadline for sending in your submissions for the community slideshow is approaching even faster (Feb 25th if I were to continue being exact).

To help get you in the mood for dirtbaggery—a term I am still trying to disassociate with my past understanding of what a "dirtbag" is—and because I've tricked my way into getting to pick the tunes that get played during intermission breaks at this years festival, here is a 25 track Spotify playlist called "The Dirtbag Shuffle"…

To listen, you can CLICK HERE to jump over to Spotify. While you're there, you'll probably want to press the 'follow' button on this playlist, as that way you can save all the tracks for offline listening + it will auto-magically update when the final, bigger version is done.

And with that in mind, feel free to shoot me a message with songs that you think best fit the Kootenays definition of a 'dirtbag lifestyle' (or holler at me on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / the comments below / on the street) and I'll include some of those in the final version of this playlist (and probably add some to the 24/7 MOUNTOWN RADIO rotation as well). I'm always curious to hear what other people enjoy listening to (especially if my ears agree). #dirtbagshuffle

Hope you enjoy the tunes… but be warned: there are a couple naughty words in some songs (those dang dirtbags).

If you're not sure where to go next on the internet, perhaps a further checking out of all things Dirtbag Festival would be a good idea? For starters, the pictures used in this post come from the Dirtbag Instagram / Facebook and you should totally follow / like those if you don't already.

The guy behind the Dirtbag curtains just so happened to do a 'MEET A LOCAL' earlier in the year, so you should probably check that out too.

And another guy that did a 'MEET A LOCAL' wrote some great words on the history of the Dirtbag Festival, which you should also read (especially, if like me, you have never attended before).