Where, Wait… What, Why?

(& Any Other Questions or comments You might have)

  "i can haz calenderr too?" - Pete ( #DogsofKimberley )

"i can haz calenderr too?" - Pete (#DogsofKimberley)

If you've visited 95EH.CA before, you might be wondering:

"Where is all the other stuff that used to be on here?"

And if this is your first time visiting, you might be similarly thinking:

"Shouldn't there be more stuff on this website to click on?"

These are both valid queries. And I will attempt to provide some vague answers below, But before I do…


For any Questions / Thoughts / Ideas / Schemes you might have for 95EH…

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Ok… So, where is everything else? What why?

The simple answer is that the person that started 95EH (who I will refer to as "I" or "me" going forward) needed to put everything on pause in order to get a somewhat clearer head on his shoulders so he—I mean, I—could try and figure a bunch of related and unrelated stuff out. This process (eventually) led to re-focusing attention on another (older) project—a project that has a lot of similar ideals and ambitions as 95EH, so figuring out the one should help figure out the other.

And in a sort of "the proof is in the pudding" series of events, after starting to share parts of the unfinished other project by way of a temporary digital Advent Calendar, I remembered that there used to be a calendar over here on 95EH. And then I remembered how, shortly after putting 95EH on pause, I had possibly worked out a more manageable way to take on the time-consuming task that is listing all the events of two neighbouring mountain towns. So I looked into that a bit more.

And now, after months of radio silence, I can finally share a 95EH announcement of sorts:


< drum roll >


95EH is officially a little less "on pause" Than It was before.

And Given the Tendency to feature pictures of furry locals in The Events Calendar photo spread, you might even say that 95EH has moved from being

"on pause"

to being…












"on paws"


Thanks. I will literally be here all week.  And the next ones after that, but mostly just to pop in and sweep the floors + update the calendar & work on a few things behind the screens.

That being said, there might be a few more things popping up (or popping back up) on this website and the 95EH socials over the next while, so make sure to do a check-in every now and again.

I mean, at the very least, there is now an up-to-date events calendar to peruse. And that's something, right?

Cheers And Happy New Year & All that stuff!