One of the many things I love about Kimberley & area is the brilliant billboard that folks see on Highway 95 —the one with no 'a', eh which I like to think perfectly catches the hearts and eyes of a certain kind of person. And it's these kind of people that I'm hoping to highlight: the ones that grew up here and had no reason to ever move away, the ones that went out looking for the right spot to call home and stopped looking once they arrived, and the ones who just couldn't help coming back.

This site is going to be a continual work in progress (as I work on it when I'm not working), but one feature I plan on doing on a consistent basis will be a little Q&A thing called MEET A LOCAL. I'm hoping to (eventually) do one of these Q&A's every week, so if you're a local and would like to beat me to the punch and ask me to do one before I ask you… CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO. I've also started doing something similar with local shops (appropriately titled: MEET A LOCAL BUSINESS Q&A… CLICK HERE if you run a local shop and would like to participate) + a lot of other blogging ideas. So, stay tuned I guess?