For many years I've been doing a lot of "thinking about doing outdoors stuff". Fishing. Mountain biking. Hiking. Skiing. Etcetera-ing. You name just one of the endless activities available in Kimberley and I promise that I've thought about actually doing that activity. I'm hoping that moving to this part of the country will be the catalyst to go from thinking to doing. I mean, why move out to a beautiful mountain town if you're not going to partake in beautiful mountain stuff?

There's also an EVENTS COMING UP page + EVENTS CALENDAR that lists ALL (or at least MOST) of the events & happenings in the Kimberley area (because it's kinda nice to know what's going on)… so hit me up if you've got an event or happening coming up.

As this site progresses, expect info and features on any and everything wonderful that lies just outside the door (assuming your door opens out onto Highway 95 eh). I've got a personal 'THINGS TO DO / CHECK OUT' list for living here (got any 'must do' suggestions? send them my way) and I'm planning on crossing those things off, one blog post at a time. And probably posting some random things and thoughts as well.