Below you will find all the information for doing a ‘MEET A LOCAL BUSINESS Q&A’. If you would be interested in doing one for your business, that would be awesome & much appreciated… just fill out the form and press submit (or send me your answers via email to '').

It’d be great to get at least a sentence or two for each question… but feel free to write as much as you want (words are free on the internet, so the more the merrier). If it helps, imagine each question has an extra “why?” or “oh… tell me a bit more” prodding at the end of it :)

[ie. stuff like: what was the reason or driving force behind wanting to open your business // the process from idea to realization // when the business officially opened // why you chose the name // etc]
[ie. these can be pictures you’ve already taken or pictures you take now that this specific thought is in your head or even pictures you didn’t take; they can be serious/professional looking or silly/fun or a combination of the 2… or some other combination I didn’t list… you can even include some GIFS if you like]
Please include a list of any links to your online stuff that you’d like me to link up to (i.e. websites, Facebook, instagram, twitter, etc) and then I will add links in the blog post intro / outro + I’ll also tag you on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter when sharing online.
Please let me know if there is any other info (special deals, special events, anything) that you feel you couldn’t fit in any of your answers but you would like mentioned and then I will try and fit that stuff into the introduction / conclusion of the post.

Here are past MEET A LOCAL BUSINESS Q&A'S to give you an idea of how things work / look…