Tuning in to the 24/7 stream of 'Mountain Town Radio' above is all fine and dandy if you're sitting around an internet connection… but living in a mountain town means that you are often not sitting around an internet connection. Often times, you're not even sitting around a data connection.

If only there was another way. Also, there is another way.


I've created a bunch of Spotify playlists that I update on a very regular basis. And if you have a Spotify account, you can FOLLOW any/all of the playlists you like and you can save them for offline listening. Which means you can take them anywhere. In the car. Up a mountain. To the beach. Y'know, anywhere. And once you FOLLOW a playlist on Spotify, whenever new songs are added, it automatically updates for you. So it's like getting a bunch of handcrafted mix tapes every week, but without the any of the weirdness that would come from getting an actual handcrafted mix tape from a stranger.

One playlist gets updated every week… with 95 new tracks. And then there are the COFFEE and BEER playlists that get updated every other week. And there's a monthly update of the best tunes from 2017. There's whistling and hipster hop and thinking music… heck, there's even one that goes back to the 50's.

I guess what I'm getting at is: Mountown Radio provides a whole lot of ace music to be checked out & discovered on the regular. Like the 3 MONTH REVIEW playlist that is embedded above—which features a HUGE selection of music that was shared in playlists during the 1st three months of the year—to the massive list of playlists below. 

PS - If you don't have a Spotify account and/or don't want to get one, you can also try listening to most of these playlists over on Soundsgood (as they give you a few more non-Spotify listening options - although you can't take those offline). Alternatively, you can also check out some old mix tapes over on Mixcloud OR just scroll back up to the top and listen to that 24/7 stream.

Cheers and happy listening!