When you remove the '0' from 2016, and replace it with an 'X', you get the following equation: 2X16. Which, for all you math buffs out there, equals 32. But what to do with this information?

Well, I imagine most people would just file this away as a pointless observation. But I was like, "what if you were to make a playlist featuring 32 tracks from 2016, that'd be a clever use of this discovery?" And then I agreed with myself and here we are.

2X16 | To listen, you can either press play on the embedded player above or—and probably the better option—you can jump over to Spotify and listen there (I think Spotify still lets you create a free account, but I could be wrong as I have a subscription included in my phone bill).

For those of you that do use Spotify (or are about to start), you'll want to press the 'follow' button on this playlist as that way you can save it for offline listening (ie. take it with you / listen anywhere, innernetz or not) + it will automagically update every time a new batch of tunes gets added in the not too distant future.

PS - If you don't have a Spotify account and don't want to get one, you can also try listening over on Soundsgood (as they give you a few more non-Spotify listening options). Alternatively, you can also tune into the 24/7 stream of ace tunes that Mountown Radio pumps out all day.


OK, happy listening. If you need even more tuneage, pop over to the Mountown Radio page for a 24/7 stream + more. Cheers.