• Green Door (map)
  • 180 Spokane Street
  • Kimberley, BC, V1A 2E4
  • Canada

“There was no live music scheduled at Green Door for Thursday the 15th of December, so Duane asked if I'd like to spin some tunes. I said "yarp… but maybe we should add something else for extra enticing". And 'Board Game Night' was what we came up with.

So… I will be bringing down the laptop and playing a bunch of—in my biased opinion—solid tunes all night (if you'd like an idea on what kind of music that would be, check out 95EH's Mountain Town Radio).

Me and the Green Door usual will also be bringing some favourite board games (word on the street is that a game of Cards Against Humanity will likely break out).

And… it'd be extra great if you bring down your favourite games & your favourite friends, OR just bring yourself, and come hang out for a night of sociable drinks + tasty food + cool tunes + good times.” - 95EH