• Green Door (map)
  • 180 Spokane Street
  • Kimberley, BC, V1A 2E4
  • Canada

“Hey friends! I got to see Zoe Fitch and Dave Warne aka "Colorful Language" perform as part of a private musician's gala at GD last year. The room was packed for their set which closed the night's performance and only a few lucky locals got in to see them doing their thing.

Seriously, of all the great live shows we've had at The Green Door this is the one that exploded my brain and nearly put me on the floor. This duo has something rare: exceptional original songwriting and astonishing vocals, squared. At its peak, the music had a physical force that I want 50 of you lucky GD friends to feel for yourselves - that's a full house. RMM Sound will be be mixing live to provide the quality sound we are getting used to. 

We are super excited to welcome Colorful Language back to our stage for another live music experience. Opening for Dave and Zoe will be classy local songstress and community treasure Stacy DeCosse. Will be small venue music at its best. Doors at 630pm. Music starts at 745. A gift at $10. I'm not gonna miss it. You?" - Green Door