• Montanas at the Lodge (map)
  • 500 Stemwinder Drive
  • Kimberley, BC, V1A 2Y6
  • Canada

"Well, this is the second of our Bi-Weekly Trivia series, and we are going to kick off with 3 rounds spanning the original 3 movies, the unaltered originals ;) Don't worry, there aren't many changes between the 2 versions, it's just the originals kick butt.

The doors are open at 3, the games start at 7pm. I'd say we will go til about 9/930!

Its Star Wars, and I would be surprised if not all of you don't have some Star Wars costumes or light sabres kicking around-- Prizes for best costume!

Same deal, 20$ max teams of 4. We have only 9 spots available to reserve, post here or call the shop at 427-1600 we will set you up! Study up-- and ensure you reserve faster than Han does the Kessel Run, tables will go fast!"


If you don't have any Force laying around the house to stuff in your pocket to help battle your way through a Star Wars trivia night…

**in best Yoda voice (not to be confused with best Grover voice)**

…of use this might be: