• Kimberley Conference & Athlete Training Centre (map)
  • 290 North Star Boulevard
  • Kimberley, BC, V1A 3E9
  • Canada

“The Dirtbag Festival continues Saturday March 25, 2017 and is hosted by career ski-bum, author, adventure seeker and journalist Powder Matt. It will be an epic night of story telling, film and photography. The film festival continues with the second group of short videos and slideshows and wraps up with prizes and the Community Slideshow.” - DIRTBAG FESTIVAL


To help get you in the mood for dirtbaggery—a term I am still trying to disassociate with my past understanding of what a "dirtbag" is—and because I've tricked my way into getting to pick the tunes that get played during intermission breaks at this years festival, here is a 25 track Spotify playlist called "The Dirtbag Shuffle"…