• Montanas At The Lodge (map)
  • 500 Stemwinder Drive
  • Kimberley, BC, V1A 2Y6
  • Canada

“We all loved Mulan, but lets be real. The absolute best disney wrought with nostalgia and teary eyed cry sessions in your partners loving embrace hails from the golden age of TV and Film-- pretty much anything before the new millenium. This trivia will encompass movies like Fantasia, Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast, and my personal favorite, Alladin.

Who sang Circle of Life? Where does Alladin take place? What composer is famed for scoring the magician scene in Fantasia? All 3 of those are questions we will not be asking, but expect similarily placed noggin knockers across our 3 rounds.

Same deal-- 20$ donation, teams of 4....

Most important maybe is that this is the LAST trivia until APRIL 19th-- we all probably need a rest after this amazing season.”