• Soulfood (map)
  • 1115 Baker Street
  • Cranbrook, BC, V1C 1A7
  • Canada

“Elixir Crafting 101: The art and alchemy of crafting herbal brews and botanical beveragesEver wonder “what is an elixir”? The google definition is a "magical or medicinal potion" and we can't help but agree! Elixir's are sometimes described as herbal brews and tonifying teas that can enhance your personal performance and provide you with enduring energy to power through your day.

They are specially developed to address specific health needs from hormone balancing to inflammation. Come and join herbalist Rebecca Rychliski for an elevated elixir experience where you will learn professional tips and tricks for making delicious and nourishing creations that will work for you and your tastebuds. This class includes a demonstration of seasonally attuned, practical recipes that will help you understand the basics of brewing botanical beverages. Tickets are $35”