• Soulfood (map)
  • 1115 Baker Street
  • Cranbrook, BC, V1C 1A7
  • Canada

“Soulfood is now one of more than 2,000 supporting cafés and restaurants across the globe partaking in the Suspended Coffees movement. A 'suspended coffee' is the advanced purchase of a coffee (or any other beverage or food item) that is claimed later by someone who needs it, for whatever reason, no questions asked.

To kick-off the Suspended Coffees movement, Soulfood will be hosting a special breakfast buffet event on Monday, March 13, from 7:30-11 a.m. Grab a quick coffee, by donation, or enjoy the breakfast buffet, also by donation. Local businesses are being challenged to drop-in to donate a suspended food or beverage item to help launch the movement with a big, generous bang. Businesses and individuals who want to publicly show their support (therefore encouraging others to do the same) will be featured and recognized on Soulfood’s social media pages throughout the morning.

Suspended Coffees not only allows people in need to receive kindness from the Cranbrook community in the form of a free coffee, nourishing beverage, snack or meal from Soulfood, but it also provides our customers with a chance to give kindness in a way that is simple, healthy, respectful, and directly benefits the people in our community.

Cranbrook is a generous, supportive community and we really believe the Suspended Coffees movement is going to result in something meaningful for both those who give and receive. We have people coming into Soulfood and asking if we have any food or drinks to spare, so we have seen first-hand the need. There are no questions asked of anyone who comes in and requests to benefit from the Suspended Coffees movement. This movement is about dignity, opportunity, and kindheartedness. It is not up to us to judge who is in need. If someone asks, then they are in need.”