The 95EH EVENTS CALENDAR used to feature an auto-updating photo spread from the Instagram hashtags #DogsOfKimberley, #CatsOfKimberley, and/or #DeersOfKimberley… but then that Instagram feature stopped auto-working :(

Which means the calendar now features a static non-auto-updating photo spread from those same hashtags (clicking on any image will open the pic on Instagram, where you can follow / like) — so if you are a local photo taker who would like one of your pics featured in the 95EH EVENTS CALENDAR (it doesn’t have to be dog/cat/deer, any picture taken in the HWY 95EH vicinity will do) please feel free to shoot an email to ‘’ or reach out on one of the socials.



And now here’s all the happenings happening around Kimberley / Cranbrook:

…hitting the ‘LOAD MORE EVENTS’ button above will keep loading events until there aren’t any more events to load. And you can adjust the calendar view to chronological or monthly, filter by Kimberley or Cranbrook by clicking on the matching tag, or even use the search box to filter events by certain words / businesses (like "yoga" or "Centre 64" or etc). Click on any event above for more details + you’ll find a link back to the original Facebook event where you can find out more.

Any questions?

Q: How do I get my event/s listed on The 95EH Events Calendar?

This works as simply as you making a Facebook Event for your event—which is probably something you're already doing—and that's it. After you make a Facebook Event for your event, we will either find your event on Facebook the next time we go on a new event search, or you can also email the link to your Facebook event to make sure we don't miss it (sometimes Facebook's event searching doesn't work perfectly).

We wrote a Facebook Note with a bit more detail about all this if you want to read that.

Q: What if my question is different than the one example question you included above? Well, there is a handy contact form located over here. Or you can just email your thoughts to:

Q: OK, but what if I just wanted to read some blog posts before heading off to some other corner of the internet? Well, you can click through some blog posts below (or just jump straight over the the blog section).

Q: OK, but how does 95EH interact with the youths out on the internet? We are down with all the latest trends, as long as the latest trends have not moved beyond having a Facebook + Instagram + Twitter. If you use one of those accounts, you can Like / Follow and say "hello, internet friend" to us on whichever ones you use.

Q: Hey, I remember there used to be an online radio station thing on here called "Mountown Radio, or something"… where did that go? Well, you can find the latest version of it over in the MOUNTOWN FM section.

Q: Thank you; those are all my questions… for now? Umm… ok. But since I can't wait around on this page until you think of your next question, when/if you think of something else, please ask it over here OR out on the socials…