In what is sure to be one of the top stories around Highway 95eh this first month of 2018, everyone's favourite local Pokemon, Pecha Kucha, will be returning this Thurs—


Sorry, I have just been informed that Pecha Kucha is not a Pokemon, but rather it is a "presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds in total); the format, which keeps presentations concise and fast-paced, powers multiple-speaker events called PechaKucha Nights".  I apologize for any confusion, but in my defence, Pecha Kucha does sound a lot like a Pokemon and they do both originate from Japan.

Let's cut to a short Youtube video featuring a fast talking person explaining Pecha Kucha (sometimes pronounced "PechaKucha") while I quickly update my notes…

…and welcome back.

Now that we're all better acquainted with what Pecha Kucha actually is (and apologies again to any Pokemon fans who are just finding out the truth themselves), I guess the only thing left to do is to start talking about what to expect at the upcoming Pecha Kucha Night #3—which is happening this Thursday (5pm, January 25th, 2018, to be exactat Key City Theatre.

For example, all of us now know that one can expect a bunch of clever, snappy presentations at a Pecha Kucha night… but who exactly will be doing the presenting at this specific Pecha Kucha night?

That is a good question, well asked. And for the answer, I will be handing things off to Pecha Kucha Cranbrook, who have been teasing out great presenter profiles over on their Facebook page all week—four of which you can find below.


profiles Provided by Pecha Kucha Cranbrook


Meet Sioban Staplin.

After travelling to Japan in 1991, Sioban waited 25 years to return to the place that feels more like home than her home here in the Kootenays. Making two forays to the Land of the Rising Sun in 2016-17 with her 19 year old son made her fall in love all over again.

Her background in social Cultural Anthropology informs her love for travel and the people she meets – sometimes it means she forgets to take pictures while being in the moment. When she is not at her desk at Key City Theatre she enjoys theatre, painting and walking her two Aussi Shepherds; Arya and Sansa on the Wycliffe Butte.


Meet Craig Hillman

In his youth, Craig Hillman worked his way through the restaurant business, spent summers as a ranch hand, and winters teaching fitness classes, while completing a Degree in outdoor recreation and the environment. He developed public education programs for urban parks and museums before returning to school to study Education, where he accidently became a school teacher. Craig has gotten slivers as a timber framer, calluses as a bass player, headaches as a contract negotiator, hangovers as a professional brewer, spark holes in his clothing teaching metal working, and itches in awkward places as a straw bale builder. He is currently working on a cure for bacon.


Meet Japhy Hunt

Japhy Hunt is a street performer, visual artist, and musician. Assuming a slew of characters, he has been a staple at the Invermere Farmers Market for the last decade and a multi-time Best Performance winner at the Calgary Comic Expo. His intricate and imaginative art pieces are the by-products of his love for vintage themes and dark humour, and he has held multiple gallery shows. In his free time, during travel or in the Valley, Japhy likes to stage unique, unusual self-portraits, exposing the quirkiness in everyday life, or injecting his humorous ideas into it.


Meet Heather Wattie.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Heather. She was a bit of a tomboy with messy hair and hazel eyes who loved to play outside with her siblings. Not much has changed. She grew up, married Rob Toller, and had two daughters. In grade four, she performed her own poetry piece and has since shared her creativity in print, workshops and other venues. As an avid shutterbug, Heather also enjoys sharing the photos she captures through the lens. She believes creativity is our birthright and hopes to ignite our own creative spark at PechaKucha Night.

Alright. If you made it all the way down to here and are still reading, I can only assume that you're now wondering what the link was again for where you can find out more info about attending this event, so… HERE IS THAT LINK AGAIN

And if you've now found yourself wondering about what else is going on in the Kimberley / Cranbrook area—whether that be today, tomorrow or next month—you can find all that good stuff over on The 95EH Events Calendar.



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