OK, so what exactly is a "MOUNTOWN"?


Well, according to NotARealWord.Com, when a person combines the real words "mountain" + "town", the brand new fake word they get is "mountown". Kimberley & Cranbrook, BC? Those are mountowns. Edmonton & Toronto? Those are not mountowns. Simples.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "who cares, just say 'mountain town' like a normal person"—and you know what? Maybe you have a point.  But also… maybe you don't have a point? 🤔

You see, as someone who has attempted to type "#mountaintownsomething" on my dumb smart phone with my dumb thumbs numerous times, I can assure you that typing "#mountownsomething" is both easier and faster. It's even quicker to say with your tongue. And that kind of efficiency simply frees up more time for going out and doing actual mountain town stuff—and isn't that the whole point of living in a mountown? Doing mountown stuff?


OK. And what exactly Is a "MOUNTOWN RADIO"?


Well, when one is out & about doing MounTown Stuff™, it's always nice to have some good tunes with you. And because sometimes there is no good signal of any kind to be had (am, fm, wifi, mixed), it's also nice to have some good tunes that you can magically pull out of your pocket no matter the deepness of the bush you are in. So, with that in mind, the guy who runs a music blog with a bunch of DIY radio alternatives (the same guy who just so happens to be the same guy that is typing out this sentence) has put together an ongoing Spotify playlist that will always feature 95 tracks that go down especially well amongst some of that nice mountown air; a playlist that you can carry around in your pocket and tune in no matter how far off the beaten trail you wander.

95 EH EM


In order to listen to this Mountown Radio playlist in full, you'll need to have a Spotify account.

Now, before you go "f-that I'm not signing up for a Spotify account", just know that Spotify does offer free accounts (although, keep in mind that those free accounts insert commercials + you can't save playlists for offline listening). But if all you're after is a playlist to jam around to at home or at work, a few inserted commercials is no worse than the traditional radio options you have on the AM/FM dials. Also, it is worth nothing that Spotify kinda gives you access to almost every album ever released, which makes for some good never-ending music discovery. If you're into that sort of thing.

For just $10 a month, you can get a Premium Spotify account and get rid of all the commercials + unlock the ability to save playlists for offline listening (ie. which means you can listen anywhere, even if you're out on the middle of a lake in the middle of nowhere).

With a Spotify account, besides being able to listen to / take this Mountown Radio playlist anywhere you want, you can also find a whole bunch more playlists of a similar quality over on 95EH's ugly stepbrother site HIGH FIVE FOR. Here's just a few examples of the kind of "modern mix cds" that you can start carrying around in your pocket if you were to fancy doing such a thing…

But what if I don't have a Spotify account & I don't plan on getting one?

Well, for the 95 track 'Mountown Radio' playlist embedded above, I will also keep a replica version going over on Soundsgood, which is a site that allows you to pick a few different listening options besides Spotify (like Apple Music or Youtube or etc). You can try it out below and see if one of the options works for you…

Just keep in mind that since the original Mountown Radio playlist is created on Spotify, Soundsgood can only attempt to automagically find the equivalent songs on different platforms using mysterious computer black magic, which doesn't always work perfectly.

And if you want to explore some more DIY radio alternatives—like a radio programmed by digital mix tapes or a replacement for MTV—head over to 95EH's internet-cousin HIGH FIVE FOR and have a poke around there.

Have any suggestions for songs that you think capture that "mountain town life"? shout at 95eh on the socials or just tag your musical suggestions with a #mountownradio hashtag (or shoot an email to 'hey@95eh.ca') and I will include the best suggests in the next playlist update.