You never know when you’ll be in need of a good soundtrack, so whether you’re currently in a Mountown* or are just reminiscing somewhere else, it's always nice to have a few good soundtracks at the ready. And because sometimes there is no good signal of any kind to be had in this life (am, fm, wifi, mixed), it's also nice to be able to magically pull those good soundtracks out of your pocket whenever the mood hits—no matter how deep into the bush you’ve pushed, either metaphorically or literally.

So, with the above logic in mind, a guy who runs a music blog with a bunch of other made-up DIY radio alternatives —the same guy who just so happens to sweep the floors here at 95EH headquarters — well that guy has modified a few choice playlists from another Kimberley based internet-radio project & re-wired them to be used as the programming for a radio station you can tune into whenever/wherever… no matter how far off the trail you’ve wandered.



Click any playlist cover below to tune in on Spotify

…clicking on any of the above pictures will open a different 95 track Spotify playlist. And because each playlist can be saved for offline listening, you can take them with you / listen wherever you go. So whether you’re currently in a Mountown or not, that’s a pretty good deal for you and your ears (well, as long as you like the music… but you can find that out with a few clicks).


OK… But how exactly do I listen to ‘MOUNTOWN FM’ wherever I go? Like, What if I don’t have a Spotify account?


Well, the short answer is that you kinda need a Spotify account in order to get the *full* Mountown FM listening experience.

Now, before you go "f that… I'm not signing up for a Spotify account", please keep in mind that Spotify does offer FREE accounts. So if all you're after is some playlists to jam around to at home or at work (aka whilst connected to wifi), the inserted commercials that come with the free Spotify account are not much different than the commercials you get on the traditional AM/FM dials. And, it is worth noting, getting a Spotify account also comes with access to almost every album ever released, so besides being able to follow these nice human-curated Mountown FM playlists, your overall options for never-ending music discovery is just a lot higher with a Spotify account than any of the commercial radio stations you might currently tune into. Not trying to throw shade, there is just soooooo much good music out there and traditional radio doesn’t usually even scratch the surface.

So, if you think you might be into that sort of thing…


…perhaps you’d be interested in making the most of your listening options, and for $10 a month you can get a Premium Spotify account to get rid of all the commercials & {MOST IMPORTANTLY} unlock the ability to save playlists for offline listening (aka: you can listen to them anywhere, even if you're on a dirt road or in the middle of nowhere sans wifi & data - places one often finds themselves during a Mountown day). Spotify also offer a pretty decent Family Plan for multiple accounts in the same household.

Now, I’m not trying to sell you on Spotify — they’re just the streaming service I prefer out of all the current other streaming options. So if you don’t use Spotify and don’t want to start, but you would still like to be able to listen to some of the music in these playlists, you can find some different listening options (Youtube, Apple, Soundcloud, etc) for those same above Spotify mixes over on Soundsgood:

Click any playlist cover below to tune in on Soundsgood





If you have any suggestions for future playlist themes that you think Mountown FM should work into the daily programming (you can also find more ‘digital mix cds’ over here) or if you have any nice pictures that you think capture that “mountown life” or if you’d like more info on getting Mountown FM playing where your ears spend the day—shout at 95eh on the socials or just fire off an old fashioned email to “”.


WOah woah wait… what the heck is up with that "MOUNTOWN" word you clearly keep misspelling on purpose?


Well, according to NotARealWord.Com, when a person squishes the real words ‘Mountain’ + ‘Town’ together, the brand new not a real word they get is ‘Mountown’. And because 95EH’s pretend mountain town radio station broadcasts from a mountown tower just off of Highway 95eh, and since ‘Mountown’ is less characters and quicker to say than ‘Mountain Town’ (you just can’t argue with maths)—it was not too long before that not real word ‘Mountown’ started to become a very real word in the 95EH lexicon.

And once one realizes how much time is freed up by effortlessly typing #MountownLife instead of labouring thru some drawn out #MoUnTaiNtoWnliFe hashtag soup, well that just leaves a person with more clock for doing actual Mountown stuff—which, at the end of the day, is kinda the whole point of visiting / never really leaving a Mountown anyways, eh?